Study Abroad

Applying for studies abroad is a crucial decision as such we do not limit our counselling just to the right country and university choice, but extend it to help you make the right ‘career decision’. There are umpteen top ranking universities worldwide. To narrow down the list to those of the top priority suitable to your profile becomes an arduous task

Study in India

Through a huge network of institutions PAN India, which is providing foreign diploma/ degrees through Transnational education providers from other countries as well as Indian education, we provide end to end support for required categories, quota, budget and financial assistance in getting your Indian degree as we do for the rest of the world.

Internship & Placement Abroad

Internships provide an opportunity to expose yourself to a career that matches your academic and personal interests. Additionally, the skills gained from practical experience will make you more valuable as an employee. Completing an internship will allow you to develop strong teamwork skills balanced with the ability to work independently.