PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM with 100% Placement Legal Contract

This curriculum is well defined to club with Image makeover, to guide you with an extensive industry
based knowledge, we cover major service sectors i.e. Hospitality, Aviation, Retail, Travel, Event industries
and moreover each and every industry where you learn about your inner
skills to develop to deal with clients/ customers. The program covers
entire training in above industries and you can choose any one industry
for your placement which is provided by our expert placement team, there is just one thing which we seek as per undertaking
is your discipline and passion towards knowledge. “knowledge is a key to success”.

Induction about course and curriculum
Industry selection
Industry knowledge and customer service training
Certification and placement as per your undertaking


Various parameters are needed to be worked out for an Image makeover to become a professional who is accepted worldwide. We have listed all that must be required for an individual to raise his/her personality standards. Each part is carefully crafted to meet your aspirations and thrives to achieve the perfection it demands in everyday life. We study your preferences, likes, and dislikes and build your personality to tune-in with your true self, it unlocks your true potential which is must for your career progression and success. “First Impression is your Impression Forever”.

  • Wardrobe management
  • Style up, grooming enhancement
  • Deportment & Decorum
  • Executive presence
  • Personal attributes and many more